Munger Road Pt. 1

Ok so it’s 11 o’clock and I’m all tucked into my bed. It’s officially the earliest I’ve ever gone to bed…ever. So naturally I’m not tired at all.

First of all, it’s my very first night as a brunette. That’s right, for the next two weeks, I’m no longer a blonde. I’m totally freaked out every time I see myself, I don’t even look like me anymore! But everyone seems to like it on set. And It definitely fits my character, Joe, better than my blonde hair did! The women who did it, Shari, was really cool and helped to talk me through my blonde to brunette transition haha!

Second, I start filming tomorrow morning! So stinkin’ excited! I got to Chicago Saturday, and when I got to the airport I was met by the very friendly production manager Gary who drove me to St. Charles! This city is so cute! Seriously, it looks like a town you would find in Europe! There’s a river running right through it and it is so beautiful, people were all out today fishing and playing by it when we went for a walk.   Our hotel is a more like a mansion then a hotel. It’s so quaint and charming. Plus, there’s only 50 rooms in it. IN fact, when I checked in there were only 4 other guests checked in at the hotel! Of course that will all change when the rest of the cast and crew get here.

So far I haven’t seen a ton of the crew, but that’s because everyone has been asleep the hours I’ve been awake. They have crazy sleep schedules on this set because of the need for all night shoots, every night. So we have to become vampires basically. The one who gets no sleep at all is Nick, the director. Yesterday was everyone’s day off after they finished filming at 9 a.m. from the previous night, but he didn’t finish paper work until 1 last night. Then he still had a meeting planned with me so we had our meeting at IHOP last night between 1-3 a.m. where he got to finally sit down and eat. He also took me to see the infamous Munger Road where I will be spending the next two weeks of my life. It was pretty spooky. Apparently like six people have died on this road over the years, all from trauma to the head. Very mysterious.

There are only two other cast members here with me right now who play the cops, Randall Batinkoff and Bruce Davison. They are both very talented actors who have been in the business for years! Plus, they really are truly great guys from the few conversations I’ve gotten to have with them. Randall was just in “Kick Ass” with Colin’s sister Chloe so now I’m even more determined to see that movie soon! The rest of the cast will get here Wednsday! I can’t wait to meet them! 

Tomorrow we are filming so early! I have to get to sleep! But I’ll try to update often! :)